Hello, I'm Keiran!


I am a creative problem solver and design professional with 6+ years experience in brand identity, art direction, illustration, digital, and print in both studio settings and in-house for big-name brands.

I have a unique ability to bring creative, project management and effective strategy together – a skillset honed from my educational, professional, and personal experiences. With innovative thinking, passion and collaboration, my goal is to elevate the brands I work with by producing beautiful designs that meet business objectives.

I am currently working as the Design Director for EasyKnock, where I am responsible for creating and managing the output of design collateral across a variety of digital and print mediums/multitude of channels.



“Always a pleasure – both professionally and personally. I very much enjoy working with her and think she is a great asset to any team!”

“Keiran proves she’s passionate and driven by voicing her opinion in meetings and doesn’t hesitate to ask necessary questions.  She is extremely quick on her feet and detail oriented, which is a necessity in this job. When it comes to tough decisions, Keiran isn’t afraid to speak up to support herself and team members.” 

“I really enjoy working with Keiran! She has a great attitude, is very efficient and always creates fresh and new designs. I am always impressed by how she keeps every story so exciting, even when we have told it the day before. We’re lucky to have her!”

“Keiran is wonderful. My organization was in need of a new logo, we knew what we wanted it to look like, and she was the first and only person we asked. Keiran was professional, thorough, and flexible – she asked so many questions and was very committed to getting everything just right.”