Hello, I'm Keiran!


I am a creative problem solver and design professional looking to further develop my skillset across new platforms while growing, learning, and contributing.

I'm passionate about creating beautiful and innovative design solutions. From branding and packaging design to digital marketing and UI, a multi-disciplinary designer, I never limit myself to one area of specialty. 

My interest in design began with a love for storytelling, cinema, art, and culture. I have an undergraduate degree in Film & Media Arts from Temple University and am a certified graduate of the Shillington School of Graphic Design. I have a unique ability to bring creative, project management and strategy together, a skillset honed from my educational, professional, and personal experiences. I have worked with a range of businesses from startups to corporations in roles including social media strategist, marketing associate, illustrator, and most recently as a Web Designer for Victoria's Secret PINK, where I translate and conceptualize merchandising strategy into designs for email marketing and seasonal marketing assets.